Bra Madison Maxi

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Soft Madison maxi model with SMX2 construction. The upper cup is made of a stable beige tulle. Bottom cup and part of the center in black, stable simplex.

The whole back is made of smooth Lycra. The latest technological solutions used on the bottom bowl, side part of the bowl, middle and sides.

These parts are made of tulle, reinforced by a gluing process, with a stable simplex knit! An element made of soft foam is sewn on the shoulders to prevent the straps from digging into the body.

Regulators on the back with a hook for additional fastening.

Size Bra

The design collects and forms the bust,

- the bowl has a side reinforcement, made of a stable fabric and serves as a support,

- a soft bra, without stiffening,

- full back, no underwires,

- tulip-shaped neckline,

- higher center and built-up means that the breasts do not fall out,

- this cut collects, holds and lifts the bust, giving it a natural shape.

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