Semi-Soft Lilian Maxi Bra

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The magic of autumn colors, in a semi-stiffened Lilian Maxi model for women with full shapes. The upper part of the cup is made of stable, black tulle, trimmed with a delicate black tape. The lower, stiffened part of the cup, the center and sides of the plenum are made of elastic interwoven with beautiful colors of autumn, red, gold, yellow. Double back, cut off, made of elastic plenum and elastic tulle.

Size Bra

Side underwires support the circumference and prevent the material from curling around the circumference.

- the cut of the bra perfectly forms and maintains the bust,

- elevated structure, the lower, stiffened part of the cup covers the nipple,

- a bra designed for women with large breasts, so that the breasts are supported,

- strongly built-up cut with a diagonal neckline,

- the design collects the breasts inside, lifts them, supports them and gives them a round shape.

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