Nipple covers

Decorative nipple covers are an element of underwear that is applied with glue directly to the breast. They allow you to cover the nipples, while provocatively revealing the bust. A great advantage of the nipple covers that we offer in Inesslingerie is their quality. We offer nipple covers in various versions - also those with tassels, fabric, in many colors and shapes. Most of the underside is finished with a skin-friendly silicone that helps hold the nipple in place.

Where will silicone nipple covers work?

Silicone nipple covers are equipped with a transparent layer of silicone glue. Therefore, the breasts stick very well, they do not move and you do not have to be afraid that they will fall off at the least appropriate moment. In addition, their universal size means that the covers will cover even larger nipples. They also add some volume to the breasts, are opaque and invisible under clothes. Thanks to them, the lack of a bra will not be so visible. The multitude of offered designs additionally makes our nipple covers go perfectly with decorative thongs, chokers, peignoirs, and other elements of sexy women's underwear.

We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of nipple covers in Inesslingerie! We guarantee an extensive range of these products, which is why each client will find a model that meets her needs and expectations. Discreet nipple coverage very much ignites the imagination and desire for a partner in the bedroom!

Nipple covers

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